ScottyGUI Download location

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ScottyGUI Download location

Post by Pocketpac » Mon Dec 05, 2016 2:41 am

ScottyGUI download information.
Removed Adfly link due to questionable ads being presented.

For Windows users, you may download an installer that will take care of everything for you.
Click here to download. NOTICE: It will ask you to update one more time after install, this is normal, hit yes.

For everyone else, or for advanced Windows users, you can download the straight jar file. You must have the latest java installed (As of this writing it is Java 8 Release 8u112). Anything prior to that and I can not promise everything will work.
Click here to download

There will be an option to import your old GUI settings (YOUR CHANNEL SETTINGS ARE NOT AFFECTED, JUST THE GUI). It will ask you once on initial install, and there is an import button in the settings.

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